Job Opportunities Arising From Legal Cannabusiness

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Following the logical progression of victory in the legalization of marijuana, by 2020 the U.S. economy should be in much better shape throughout the country. The possibility of finding a position in the cannabis industry in your own community is now a reality. It remains to be seen what sort of career choices are going to come from legalizing marijuana or the salary they will pay.

Bottom line is persistence and education has paid off and now that Pennsylvania has medical cannabis, jobs will be opening up there as well. The more the cannabis industry grows, the bigger the demand is for qualified people to take care of the day to day business of getting it from the field to the consumer. Following are just a few of the employment opportunities, some of which most people may never even have thought about.

Master Grower – Easily compared to that of any other farmer, it’s not surprising this job often comes with a six-figure income. The work is hard, but anyone with land to spare, especially in Pennsylvania or anywhere else cannabis is allowed should already be out there preparing their fields.

Extraction Technician – With the big demand in edibles and concentrates this phase of the cannabusiness is always going to be looking for employees. Although the extraction process is better suited for people with botany or chemistry skills, it’s possible to work your way up the cannabis ladder to a position like this.

Tour Guide – As more states legalize, this is a good position to aim for if you know the area and the industry. Just because a person uses cannabis doesn’t mean they know the business from one end to the other and many people are showing their curiosity.

Analytical Chemist – Cannabis for sale will have to deal with the same FDA that any other consumer product does. Analyzing pot for harmful microbes, heavy metals or pesticides is very important when it comes to dealing with government regulations.

Cannabis Journalism – This job sounds like an enjoyable way to make a living, and it is. Someone has to write about all the latest industry news and spread it around so people know what’s going on and what they can expect to happen in the future. Not as easy as it sounds, but still a very rewarding way to cash in on the growing cannabis culture in the U.S.

That’s only five possibilities for work in the cannabusiness. Anyone interested in employment opportunities in their area needs to check open listings online and take it from there. There are hundreds of open positions across the nation and that number gets bigger every day.

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