The War On Marijuana a.k.a Cannabis is Coming to An End


Well finally, the Cannabis Culture is coming out of the dark into the light of reason. Now that California, Massachusetts and Nevada have joined Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington the United States is that much closer to ending all the drama over whether or not Marijuana should be legal. It remains to be seen how long it will take the rest of the nation to wake up and smell the profits.

Money is a great persuader, and it ought to be fun to see how long it is before some of the most violently opposed to legalization are on their way to the bank for a loan to start their own cannabis business. Even better, maybe now some of us will live to see the day our health insurance covers the cost of THC or CBD. Come to think of it, how many pharmaceutical companies out there are already converting pill lines to “pot” lines?

The war is over, the DEA just hates to give up their favorite toy but seriously, isn’t law enforcement one of the most desperately underfunded departments in the country? Anytime an officer has to buy their own safety equipment because of budget cuts, that’s bad. Law enforcement agencies should be among the first to be grateful for those tax dollars that cannabis is famous for generating. As well as being overworked and underpaid, officers in states where cannabis is not welcome are forced to spend far too much of their shift-time filling out the paperwork that a single marijuana arrest generates.

If the truth were told, most of law enforcement would be glad to see recreational cannabis legalized nationwide so they could get on with more important issues. Voters have spoken, and they say responsible use of cannabis is not a bad thing. Something many of us so-called “stoners” have always found amusing is the oppositions claims that pot was going to make us less intelligent? How much sense does it make for a cop to claim overtime for paperwork while they sit and complain they don’t have enough money to run their departments?

No law banning the cannabis plant has ever made sense, and the DEA needs to accept defeat and get out of the way before they are crushed under the weight of public approval. If a persons lifestyle includes using cannabis in any form, then so be it. Leave them alone and put those man-hours to use tracking down the kind of drugs that do kill people such as the fake weed that can be bought in states where the real thing is illegal. The sheer stupidity of that doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Now that the West coast is cannabis friendly and legal, all that’s left is the rest of the East coast and in between. It shouldn’t be too long now. When voters in a state as big as California wins their right to smoke in peace, the pressure rises on the feds to give up and move on. It is to be hoped the new administration getting ready to take over in Washington will be a wiser one that knows exactly what use all that cannabis tax money could be good for. If nothing else, states that have legal pot won’t be needing to ask the Whitehouse to bail them out of any financial difficulties. Consumer Spending Expected to Increase

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