The Path to End Prohibition: Positive Signs that Marijuana Will be Legal on a Federal Level


As slowly as the wheels of justice appear to move on the legalization of marijuana, it’s starting to look more like victory every day. Prohibition does not work, and the feds know this themselves, yet they continue their ineffective war on drugs. Law makers in several areas that don’t even have medical cannabis yet are already busy at their keyboards drafting new laws so they can be ready when the time comes. The national effects of legalizing marijuana in some states has had a positive ripple effect on the rest.

Many have tried and failed to pin down President Elect Donald Trump on his plans, if any, for seeing to it that marijuana is taken off the schedule one list. He basically says, for now anyway, that it’s none of the federal governments business and the issue ought to be dealt with as the voters in each state decree. However, Trump also says that he thinks the U.S. needs to study Colorado and evaluate what’s been happening there since 2012.

Now that Pennsylvania has medical marijuana, that’s almost half the country and chances are if there isn’t a dispensary in your state or community yet, there soon will be. Even if he ignored all the evidence science has on the safety of cannabis, there’s no way President Trump will be able to ignore the money involved. His goal for 2017 is to grow the economy by 4% and cut taxes.

Marijuana and tax dollars are the best chance he has to make this campaign promise a reality. It may not appear to be high on his priorities list right now, but Trump is no one’s fool, and it shouldn’t be too long before taking marijuana off the schedule one list moves up on his agenda. Politics being what they are, it could very well be that having a successful entrepreneur for a president is the best news the legalization movement has ever had.

It’s not surprising that politics are the reason the Fourth Corner Credit Union in Colorado is still not open for business, but they are ready, and could do so right now in a matter of days. Once open, it will be the first bank of its kind operated solely for the marijuana industry and the national effects of that ought to be very interesting. Naturally, the opposition is blocking every move Fourth Corner makes, but maybe not for long. Medical marijuana alone has generated the kind of serious cash people pay attention to, and legal states are piling up the tax revenue as well.

This money has to be kept somewhere, and even though Colorado has no problem with a Credit Union for pot, the feds do. The Fourth Corner Credit Union is currently having to sue the NCUA, National Credit Union Administration and the FRC-KC, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City after both of them refused to honor Fourth Corner’s charter. What this credit union needs is a Master Account with the FRC-KC so they have access to the payment system and they have been denied.

Without that master account, they are only a safe place to lock money up with no way for depositors to earn interest, or have any of the kind of bank perks “other money” is entitled too. No place to put money? That will probably be what settles the whole issue right there. When it comes to cash, even the most unreasonable of people are forced to pay attention eventually.


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