Cannabis Use Under Fire From All Sides

Close up of medical marijuana buds in glass container on black background

American voters have spoken and approved legalization of medical marijuana in several states but the future of its use could be upended by President Donald Trump. Patients access to marijuana could be lost under the new Trump Administration.

Legal marijuana has been approved in 28 states but federal law bans the cultivation, growth and sale of marijuana for any purpose. Now advocates for the use of medical marijuana are up in arms over Trump’s pick of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. The national effects of a permanent ban or approval by Trump is still unclear but many have begun to debate both sides.

Sessions ignores the science that supports proper use of marijuana has stated marijuana is more harmful than alcohol. While people are suffering from medical conditions, politics is getting in the way of a possible therapy tool. Culture has played a part in the acceptance of marijuana use, Lady Gaga publicly admitted she was addicted to it. Culture has become a driving force behind legalizing marijuana. Science has shown that marijuana is not as bad as those against legal marijuana use have said.

President Obama allowed the marijuana industry grow because his administration told prosecutors to direct limited resources into investigations of drug dealers that are involved with international drug cartels. Politics is pushing back against the acceptance of marijuana use of any kind. Pennsylvania offers marijuana for certain types of patients but have still not made it legal for anyone to use. Pennsylvania advocates are strongly urging their politicians to allow the legal use of marijuana.

Legalizing marijuana could have a positive effect on our national economy. ShowGrow is a tech giant focused on marijuana market and provides devices that monitor soil conditions, temperature, and other important details necessary to grow marijuana.

Donald Trump has flip-flopped on marijuana over the years. In the early 90s, Trump said drugs should be legalized. During the early stages of the campaign he said legalization should be left to the states. He later told Fox News channel he was strongly in favor of prescribed marijuana but not sure how he would tackle the issue as president.

While young voters are the majority in favor of marijuana use, recent studies have found that marijuana users peaked between the ages 50 to 64. National effects of this study could cause more adults to join the fight for full legalization of marijuana across the country.

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