How Medical Marijuana Can Treat Cancer: Anti- Tumor Properties


Recent and exciting science laboratory evidence now shows that anti-tumor properties found within the medical cannabis plant also known as marijuana or “pot”, destroy cancer cells and they do so in a variety of ways. There are multiple mechanisms of action by which cannabis kills cancer cells. These treament methods are divided into several categories. Including Antiproliferative effects which is normally the hallmark of a cancer cell. Meaning that it keeps reproducing. So, when you stop that reproduction, that is an atiproliferative effect.

There are also antiangiogenic effects. This simply means that the cannabanoids will stop the cancerous tumor from being able to grow new blood vessels, which otherwise would have supported the growth of the tumor. There are also antimetastatic effects which means that the cannabanoids block the ability of the cancerous cells to spread into other tissues. Another effects is known as apoptotic. Apotosis refers to the ability of the cannabanoids to speed the death of the abnormal cells which is important in cancerous tumors because, you can hasten the death of the cancerous cell without disturbing the normal cells around it.

Medical research now shows that the ability for cannabanoids, as a medication treament regimen, to destroy cancerous growth is especially important for brain tumors because of the blood brain barrier. The brain is unique from the other organs because it needs to be protected from outside influences which could hitch a ride on the blood stream and cause problems. Cannabanoids however, can easily slip through the blood brain barrier, because they’re attracted to fat. The brain itself is a highly fatty organ. In fact, in some cases the brain of a human being can contain up to 60% fat. The cannabanoids can then enter into the cancerous cells in the brain by moving easily through the cell’s membranes, which are composed of lipids. Evidence is piling up in mice infested labs in Pennsylvania, that the endo-cannabanoid system when stimulated by cannabanoids, can instruct cancerous cells to commit suicide.

THC as well as CBD is found in cannabis according to research. Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol or CBD, are the two chemicals that are the main psychoactive ingredients found to be in cannabis, or marijuana. When THC is injected into a brain tumor of mice and rats in a lab located in Pennsylvania, researchers discovered that a significant number of those animals displayed tumor regression from the medication. The surrounding nerve tissue was discovered to also be healthy because cannabanoids actually protect nerves. Many laymen have a difficult time believing that cannabis can contain such fantastic effects for cancerous tumor treatment.

Doctors using cannabanoids have successfully eliminated almost 100% of cancer-cells in test tubes. When testing moved to laboratory animals, 30% of the mice rejected their cancerous tumors from cannabanoid treatments. The remaining mice in the study were discovered to have undergone significantly reduced tumor sizes. These results have been so promising in fact that Doctors are beginning human testing trials on Leukemia patients.

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